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The Buy One, Give One program is at the heart of why the Dr’s Choice brand
exists. Yes, the brand is designed to ensure patients get the best quality lenses at the best
possible pricing. Yes, the brand is designed to ensure independent offices get the best pricing
possible to ensure the highest margins. But the reason Dr’s Choice exists is to ensure children
in the developing world who cannot afford a pair of glasses, get a free pair. All royalties earned
by Dr’s Choice funds Canadian Vision Care (CVC) which has provided over $100 million dollars
of free eye exams, eye surgeries, eye medications and eye glasses to people who do not have
access to or cannot afford eye care.

CVC not only works around the world in developing nations, but also in Canada for those who
find themselves in homeless shelters or in the case of the Fort McMurray wild fire, a victim of a
natural disaster. Over $1,000,000 in free eyecare was provided to those who had to evacuate so
quickly they left their glasses and contact lenses behind and lost them to the fire.

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