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The Best Technology

Are you aware of the research which shows people answer questions more honestly than in person? Behavioural Psychologists who have studied this phenomena and have determined that certain types of questions are best asked in a Digital format than a personal one.

Dr’s Choice Hiring will help you navigate this challenging area by providing digital forms that best gather certain information and provide interview questions to better learn key information in face-to-face interviews.


Employers build stronger teams.

Employers make better hires

Employers retain top talent

By understanding personalities, which is difficult, we can help you with this.


The same tool is used by Fortune 500 Companies, world wide, to meet your assessment, technology and training needs.

We use DISC, an assessment tool based on observations over 1000s of years of human development. DISC is an assessment tool used by businesses, organizations, trainers, and individuals for the last 100 years to better understand “Who you are hiring”  The principles of DISC are simple, easy to apply, and easy to understand.  


Human beings are complex creatures with the ability to navigate through the hiring process, using a myriad of emotions, actions and reactions that define who they are. Understanding DISC will help you better understand the people you are hiring, and provides a new perspective on candidates needs and wants.

Best of all with the numbers of candidates 

who apply, Dr’s Choice Hiring keeps working for you 27/7/365


Yes, 24/7/365!


The Best Recruiting Experience, today’s

applicants can apply any time of the day, we are always there for them, and you, economical on the web, the way today’s world shops on the web classified ads, Kijiji, FB.


It is fast, simple, easy with an online hiring sight

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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