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Comparison of Essilor & Dr’s Choice

Essilor sells lenses under many different labs and corporate entities. From web stores (MyOnlineOptical) to big box stores to private practices. Each channel has a different strategy and each channel pays different prices. Canoptic, Essilor, K&W and Westlab are in fact Essilor. So is Nikon, & frames direct. And Lenscrafters, Pearl, Sears, Sunglass Hut, as Essilor has bought Luxottica. Essilor is your retail competitor. Selling to OD’s as of October 2017, the information below is accurate.

The Varilux Brand with a 6 month non adapt for any reason warranty is sold to OD’s.

Details: Varilux Exclusive is 100 pair commitment per year. Will not be chains but could be optical or OD. Not for everyone. Eg Nikon accounts don’t get the S. Polarized & Transitions & various index in all lenses.

In contrast, Dr’s Choice is available in all indexes and in transitions, plus in polarized as it is a total back surface digital lens. The bottom line is that all personalized high quality digital lenses are designed by the science of digital ray tracing. That is why the most advanced lenses all end up being digital back side and need POW (Position Of Wear) measurements. It is simply the science of optics. Rodenstock had European patents and Seiko (now owned by Hoya) had US and Japanese patents. It does not matter in the rest of the world. Dr’s Choice lenses are made in Canada by Canadians.

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