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Updated: May 9, 2022

We believe that better vision for everyone builds a more equitable world. That is why we invest 2/3 of our profits into the charity Canadian Vision Care or CVC. This registered Canadian charity has been working since 1981 to bring vision care to those who cannot afford it or don't have access to Eyecare.

Our focus and our purpose is on solutions that are both scalable and sustainable. To achieve our goals we have provided thousands of pairs of free prescription lenses to support CVC and their vision projects around the world. We are laser focussed on using the best technology that is appropriate for the location and by partnering with local partners we can make sure that the care is delivered to those who truly need it.

We believe in keeping a good record of what we accomplish. The value of all projects since CVC was incorporated is now estimated at over 115 Million Canadian Dollars. The actual value of putting glasses on a child who could not see past their arms or the value of removing a cataract that had blinded the person is priceless.

We believe in helping everyone. While CVC is based in Canada and has provided free glasses for many homeless shelter projects in various provinces, the biggest homeless project we tackled was the Eyes on Fort McMurray project. A wildfire ravaged Fort McMurray in May of 2016. People had to leave their homes so quickly that many did not bring their glasses or contact lenses. CVC sprang into action, with volunteers in all provinces, working with most of the optical suppliers in Canada to provide free eyewear to all of the evacuees who lost theirs in the fire.

We believe in working with local partners. Our first projects were in Jamaica, partnering with local Lions clubs. We also partnered with local hospitals to provide surgical equipment for eye surgery. By 1985, projects had expanded from Jamaica to the entire Caribbean. Since then CVC teams have visited many different countries. Besides our model project in Jamaica, we have model projects in the Philippines and Malawi.

The Eye Train project in Manila is an outstanding success. We have partnered with the Philippines SPECS foundation to convert two railway cars into an eye clinic which provides eye care to those who cannot afford such care. Over 80,000 eye exams and spectacles have been provided. The Eye Train clinic is also used to train local Optometry students.

In Malawi, CVC has partnered with Mzuzu University and Optometry Giving Sight to provide Optometric education in this developing African country. For this project, CVC has also partnered with Rotary International to convert a shipping container into an eye clinic. This clinic will become a teaching site for the Optometry School.

CVC will continue working with local partners around the world. We believe it is the only way to make scalable, sustainable solutions. From Bolivia to Canada, Cambodia to Costa Rica, Dominica to Guatemala, Guyana to Jamaica, Kenya to Malawi, Peru to the Philippines, St Martins to St Lucia, Tanzania to Saba and Vietnam, CVC has helped people see. By supporting EyeXperts and Dr’s Choice brands, you are supporting CVC and their work around the world.

Dr’s Choice Hiring is proud to be a supporter of CVC.

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