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Dr s Choice Hiring

Optometrists need a professional hiring strategy. Learn how Dr's Choice Hiring can help build you a practice with a solid HR game plan. 

Digitally Designed

A doctor’s time is very valuable, and being able to hire intelligently is vital.

Dr’s Choice Hiring ensures objective hiring using up to date digital technology, 

resulting in more time efficient hiring for your practice.

24/7 Online Hiring

Because everyone’s time is valuable, Dr’s Choice Hiring uses proven HR technologies to 

objectively and quickly filter through the high number of attracted candidates.  

Dr’s Choice Hiring keeps working 24/7/365!

Customized For You

Dr’s Choice Hiring has over 60 years of combined experience in eyecare hiring.  

Someone who cares that you hire effectively, is able to personalize your recruitment needs, 

and provide customized printed reports. There is a real live person you can talk to!

The Most Advanced Hiring Technology

HR Resources

We have all the resources from interviewing to hiring, to training.

Hiring Survey

The latest digital technology gathers all the information into one neat package for you to finish off with.

Personalized Follow Up

Once all the data is completed, and the digital information has helped narrow down the top candidates, Dr’s Choice Hiring will do a phone interview, or if preferred a video interview, and provide you with the interview notes, and the recruiters specific thoughts on the individual.

Why Practices Choose Drs Choice Hiring

Hiring new staff used to be a process of posting a job listing, wading through dozens, sometimes more than one hundred resumes, doing interviews and reference checks. After many hours of work and much stress, hopefully I'd hired the right candidate. Since 2014 I've been using Dr's Choice Hiring for my hiring needs. The process has changed over the years but the end result has always been an excellent hire.
I highly recommend using Dr's Choice Hiring for finding new staff and will continue to do so myself.

Dr. Bruce Johnson

Wetaskiwin EyeCare

I am a big believer in strengths. I know what my strengths are and try to maximize my time in those areas. HR is not one of those strengths, so it makes sense for me to outsource hiring. Our practice has enlisted Debbie for many years to help fill positions when they come up. She is up to date on employee standards legislation and has a time-tested process that has served us well in finding good fits for our office. I am happy to recommend Debbie to any of my colleagues.

Dr. Shaun F. Golemba
Valley Vision Optometry

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